Clothing & Combat Sports Manufacturing Services

EvoXgear serving as the most oversized domestic and overseas clothing & combat sports manufacturing factory in Sialkot, Pakistan.

Clothing & Combat sports Production Services: We ensure that every part of clothing and combat sports manufacturing, from initial design conception to finished product, takes place under one roof by leveraging our in-house production facility. This technique ensures that your products are precisely crafted to your specifications, reaching our stated quality standards on a constant basis.

Regarding design complexity and production volume, EvoXgear has the capacity and knowledge to tackle the particular peculiarities of high-end fashion labels efficiently. We promise high-quality, low- cost manufacture and shipping for any private-label clothes.

EvoXgear aims to create long-term collaborations with local and global clothing and combat sports companies and support your brand’s production needs. Our consistent dedication to quality and dependability will strengthen brand identities and develop favorable reputations.


EvoXgear will only create patterns and samples for confirmed production orders that fulfill our minimums. Suppose you only need a pattern and sample for internet advertising or selling. In that case, you should look for a trustworthy way and sample room online. We only manufacture designs and pieces for orders that satisfy our minimum quantity.

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